about us

Welcome to DNA Guardian Cane Corso, where we specialize in breeding Cane Corso dogs that are not only happier and healthier but also radiate confidence. Let me share the story of how we embarked on this incredible journey.

Becoming a dog breeder wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision for me. It all started when my husband noticed my deep passion for training dogs and the profound healing my own service dog brought to my life. Inspired by the transformative power of dogs, he suggested the idea of dog breeding as a way to extend that healing to others. And that’s when it clicked for us.

Choosing the perfect name for our program didn’t take long. DNA Guardian Cane Corso holds immense personal significance. The initials “D” and “A” represent our first names, symbolizing our commitment and dedication. By using “N” instead of “&,” we highlight the importance of genetics in preserving and honoring the true qualities of this exceptional breed. The word “Guardian” has a dual meaning: it reflects the natural guardianship instincts of Cane Corso and pays homage to my unwavering love for Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, all our foundation dogs are named after characters from the movies or comic books, showcasing my undeniable passion.

Having spent thirty years in the corporate world, I realized that true satisfaction lies in witnessing the life-changing impact dogs have on people. After dedicating ten years to raising and training Labradors as service dogs, I discovered my true calling. It’s a path that fills my heart with joy and purpose every day.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to my rock-solid husband. His unwavering support has given me the courage to pursue this venture and make our program the best it can be. He is always eager to learn and assist in any way possible, ensuring our puppies receive top-notch care, even when I’m away for transports or seminars. From assisting with puppy whelping to being hands-on from day one, his dedication knows no bounds. Without him, DNA Guardian Cane Corso wouldn’t be what it is today.

While our two boys have grown and started their own families, our dogs have become an integral part of our lives. They are like our furry kids, and everything we do revolves around their happiness and well-being. Our dogs are truly our heart, our soul, and we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring their lives are filled with love and joy.

Now, let me share a few fun facts about myself. As a child, I dreamt of becoming a nurse, driven by the desire to help people heal and thrive. The smell of a fresh book is my absolute favorite—it’s like stepping into a world of enchantment and possibility. When it comes to entertainment, I’m a big fan of thrilling murder mysteries, particularly shows like Criminal Minds, where I eagerly try to unravel the mysteries before the final reveal. And to add a touch of magic to my favorite time of day, nighttime, I simply must indulge in a delightful Chia Latte, a perfect companion for those tranquil moments.

At DNA Guardian Cane Corso, we take immense pride in what we do. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, where happiness, health, and confidence are the hallmarks of our exceptional Cane Corso dogs.

Amy K.